Swiss Alpine Center: Culinary Arts, an exciting career journey

In the recent years, more and more people are gaining interest in culinary arts. Whether they want to be executive chefs in fancy restaurants including Michelin Star’s or work on cruise ships, in fancy hotels, yachts or own their own catering business, this career is now booming and offers tremendous variety and career opportunities.

Julian El Khal, Executive Chef at the Al Sufra at Marsa Malaz, Kempinski, the Pearl, Doha, Qatar had this to say about his career:

“I attribute my success as a Chef to the education I received at Swiss Alpine Center in Greece, coupled with the internship opportunities I had during my studies, and then of course my employment at The Park Tower Knightsbridge, a Luxury Hotel Collection in London.

For those who want to make a career out of the culinary arts, this profession requires a good education that will not only focus on cooking but on management. An executive chef is a manager of the kitchen whose education never stops. Keeping up with trends and the evolving food industry is a must.

And one more very important ingredient for a successful career in culinary arts is passion for cooking. I had this passion as a young boy and recall helping my mother in the kitchen, and I am still as passionate about the creation of dishes, the marriage of flavours and textures.”

Some of Alpine’s graduates are in it for glamour and fame!

Chef Panos Ioannidis graduated from Alpine with a BA(Hons) in Culinary Arts Management. Panos is now a celebrity as a judge on the Greek MasterChef program. 

He also was a celebrity TV chef and now operates his own business, producing videos and writing books…

Another graduate is very thrilled to be the Executive Chef of the President of Kazakhstan! 

“By completing three years of study, the first two leading to the Swiss Alpine Diploma in Culinary Arts followed by a third year where I was awarded the BA(Hons) International Food & Beverage Management, including internships in leading hotels and restaurants, equipped me with superior skills that got me to where I am now!” said Chef Radislav Nassonov.

Ziyad Saleh was passionate about Michelin Star restaurants and spent two years training under famous chefs in Italy at the following Michelin Star restaurants before he reached the head chef position now: Ristorante Sadler, Osteria Francescana, Ristorante Cracco, and Il Luogo di Aimo et Nadia. What does Ziyad have to say about all these precious experiences?

“When I cook I want to know that I’m using the best quality products, have a mastery of flavour and cooking techniques, and that I am able to imbue the cuisine with my personality and consistency to offer guests an exceptional dining experience.”

The good news is that if cooking is your passion, this career field allows you to do exactly what you’re passionate about while surrounded by co-workers who are just as passionate.

Although you have to start at the bottom when you’re straight out of culinary school, you have the opportunity to move through the ranks while gaining valuable experience.

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