How to Operate the Sabre GDS


With many travel companies requiring a comprehensive knowledge of online booking systems, it is essential to be a competent user of Sabre. This course will train you to understand and use the Sabre Reservations System, one of the top industry-standard booking systems. Sabre was developed by American Airlines in the 1960s and has approximately 30% of the global market. It is used worldwide, especially in the USA. Airlines using this system currently include American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Singapore Airlines and All Nippon. This Sabre course is recognized all over the world and is fully compliant with IATA’s GDS (International Air Transport Association’s Global Distribution Systems) requirements.

40 hours.
Date: 07 June – 07 July at 18:00’ to 21:00


Classroom : 188 Syngrou Andrea Avenue, 17671 Kallithea Attica

You will receive an ARKIAS ACADEMY Certificate.

This Sabre course is assessed using our Online Learning Environment and Sabre Simulator. You will
take a series of tests as you progress through the course, and there is also a Sabre exam that is taken
online at the end of your course, which takes 1 hour to complete.

200€ /person



Training Introduction

  • Navigation Tutorial
  • What is a GDS?

System Basics

  • What is Sabre?
  • Sabre GDS Work Environment
  • Sign In / Sign Out
  • Change to a different work area
  • Encode and Decode
  • Questions on the Material

Basic Flight Schedules and Availability

  • Flight Availability, Time Zones and Return Availability
  • Availability Shortcuts
  • Questions on the Material

Flight Information

  • Basic Flight Details from Availability Response
  • Questions on the Material

Advanced Flight Availability

  • Availability for a Specific Airline
  • Communication Methods and Connectivity Tags
  • Additional Availability Entries
  • Building Connections and Minimum Connecting Times
  • Airline Alliance Availability
  • Questions on the Material

Advanced Flight Reservations

  • Direct Flight Booking
  • Waitlist Flights
  • Booking-Confirmed Segments
  • Open Segments
  • ARNK Segments
  • Questions on the Material

Itinerary Changes and Cancellations

  • Rebook Flights from Availability
  • Rebook Flights with New Booking Code or Date
  • Change Segment Status (CSS)
  • Cancellations
  • Questions on the Material

Basic PNR Creation

  • Basic Single-Passenger PNR Creation
  • Basic PNR Creation Practice
  • Questions on the Material

Basic PNR Concepts

  • Basic PNR Retrieval
  • Basic PNR Interpretation
  • Questions on the Material

Flight Information

  • Basic Flight Details Inside the PNR
  • Questions on the Material

Advanced PNR Concepts

  • Advanced PNR Retrieval
  • PNRs with Passenger Detail Fields
  • Mandatory PNR Data
  • Optional PNR Data
  • Questions on the Material

Advanced PNR Creation

  • Multiple-Passenger PNR Creation
  • Infant Passenger Names
  • Passenger Type Codes
  • Child and Infant SSR Messages
  • Remarks
  • Messaging Overview
  • OSI Messages
  • Service Request SSR Messages
  • Frequent Flyer Field
  • Security Information SSR Messages
  • Passenger Contact SSR and OSI Messages
  • Questions on the Material


  • Seat Maps
  • Seat Assignment by Number
  • Change or Cancel Seat Assignments
  • Questions on the Material

Passenger Data Changes

  • Delete Passenger Data
  • Change Passenger Data
  • Questions on the Material

Advanced Flight Information

  • Advanced Flight Details and Flight Information
  • Questions on the Material

Advanced Changes and Cancellations

  • Reduce the Number in Party
  • Divide a Party
  • Questions on the Material

Reservation History

  • History of all PNR elements
  • Questions on the Material


Pricing Basics

  • Itinerary Price
  • Itinerary Price Interpretation
  • Additional Information in Pricing Response Display
  • Questions on the Material


  • Validating Carrier terminology
  • Questions on the Material

Advanced Pricing

  • Segment Selection Price
  • Passenger Association Price
  • Questions on the Material

Pricing Qualifiers

  • Manage Economy Fares with Qualifiers
  • Advanced Qualifiers
  • Questions on the Material

System Price Quote Record

  • Create System Price Quote (PQ) Record
  • Display and Delete Enhanced Price Quote (PQ) Records
  • Questions on the Material

Rebook through Pricing

  • Bargain Finder
  • Low Fare Search
  • Shop by Alliance
  • Questions on the Material

Fare Quotes

  • System Fares and Interpretation of fare display response
  • Qualifiers to refine fare search.
  • Fare Rules Interpretation
  • Questions on the Material

Branded Fares

  • Branded Fares benefits
  • Branded Fares in Fare Quote
  • Branded Fares in Pricing
  • Enhanced Rule Display
  • Questions on the Material

Air Extras

  • List of bookable Air Extras (AE)
  • Manage Air Extras
  • Air Extras Status
  • Questions on the Material

Queue Management

  • Queue Overview (Count and Names)
  • Access and work on specific queues
  • Place PNRs on queue
  • Questions on the Material

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